Meet your instructor.

Get to know Dominique Calder, your Cyber Camp instructor.


Dominique got her start as an engineer working in cybersecurity for Lockheed Martin. She secured the Automated Flight Services Station program.


7 years of consulting has diversified Dominique's experience, allowing her to be trusted to lead engineering, cybersecurity, and investigation efforts at both Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte.


Working for the largest consulting firms has afforded Dominique the opportunity to work newsworthy hacking investigations such as the December 2020 Solarwinds attack. She has also been trusted to lead digital forensics investigations in the government space along with internal investigations at TikTok.


With two years of teaching in online boot camp environments, Dominique has led over 150 students to become CompTIA Security+ certified. She has taught passionate individuals who have been interested in changing careers. She has worked with school counselors, law enforcement officers, retired military, grocery associates, store managers, athletic trainers, merchant mariners, and the list goes on. She has been hired by private companies and government level agencies to teach digital forensic investigation techniques. In July 2023, Dominique was sent to Lesotho, Southern Africa to teach digital forensics investigation and fraud techniques to their government.

Learning Journey:

Dominique has spent 15 years in academia as a student. Over the last decade and a half, she has explored disciplines in computer science, cybersecurity, and digital forensics. This experience has led her to connect with some of the world's brightest individuals from all over the world. She is currently a PhD candidate who has become a contributor to the field she teaches in.

Camp begins 9/30

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