Scam + Spyware Reporting

Quickly report scam and spyware by-product details for community awareness ­čŤč

Have you been involved or victimized by a scam in a digital space?

Did the scam result in a financial loss?

If so, we're sorry to hear that and want to help so this doesn't happen again to you.

Were you asked to download or install an app or access a link as a result of the scam? If so how long ago?

Since you experienced the scam, have your devices "acted weird"? If so explain to us your experience.


How can the Novus Community best serve you?

We want to meet you where you are, with everything needed in hand.

Are you interested in products that could help protect you from scams and spyware abuse?

How did you find our community?


Let's get an idea of the losses you have experienced.

We hope this is the last time to extend this type of condolences.

How much money in USD was lost as a result of the scam/spyware?


Do you have screenshots or information to upload/share?

Are there any other details that could assist us with getting a full idea of the incident? Links, profiles, or places where this occurred?

Please use this secure link to submit screenshots and details regarding your incident.

Please, don't include any personal information. Any personal information detected will be immediately scrubbed from the reporting platform.

Lastly, a few questions about you.

What's your age range?

What country are you located?

If we have more questions regarding the details of your incident, are you open to chatting with us? If so, feel free to drop a good email we can reach out at.