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Novus is your vigilante that prevents fraud and scams in your digital spaces. Our anti-fraud tool suite protects what matters most, your security and peace of mind.

Real-Time Analysis, Instant Action

Detect and thwart scams in real time, keeping you safe in your digital spaces. Our automated browsing detection tool spots scams. Now available in the Google Chrome web store.

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Fighting Fraud, a Double-Edged Effort

Our machine-learning model keeps the information and threats you face private. Community contributions keep scam alerts high and successful scams low. Join our SuperNova community and anonymously report fraudulent activity.

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Privacy First Reporting

Collaborative input from our community partners and members informs and protects the platform with the latest intelligence. Easily report scams and malicious by-products such as spyware with privacy.

Fight against scams and spyware

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