Review for You.

An anti-phishing service for your email inbox.

As we could probably guess, you receive a ton of emails daily. Oftentimes, even some realistic emails are actually just phishing emails in disguise. What makes this challenging is most providers fail to detect phishing emails in your inbox, leaving non-technical people at risk.

We’re here to introduce Review for You, the anti-phishing service for individuals looking to protect their inboxes. Oh, who is this “we”? How rude, we never introduced ourselves.

Emanuel and Dominique are winners of the Pharrell Williams 2022 Black Ambition Prize competition [read more here]. That’s a legit link, we promise. We have been working tirelessly to create a safe way for employees to check their email and quickly determine its legitimacy. This empowers you to have peace of mind, knowing that your most sensitive data is far from the brink of accidental email openings. We understand your personal data and finances should be safeguarded with care.

What we’re offering —

We are offering to take the guesswork out of determining if emails are legitimate or fake — often resulting in cyber breaches, financial loss, and not to mention the loss of your personal identity. The best phishing emails today do not require more than a user’s click to open the email before a criminal has found a way into your network and gained access to your highly sensitive data.

How much is this service?

We’re offering our anti-phishing service for $10/month to monitor and verify the legitimacy of the emails in your inbox. When an email is received, it can be forwarded to our review team for a quick response. By fast, we guarantee a response in 5 minutes' time. It’s that simple. You don’t even have to open the email. Our service is on a cancel-anytime basis. We are looking to find the pain points people face as we finalize our app to be integrated into enterprise email clients in the near future. We're improving the beta version of our app. Take a sneak peek here 👀

What's in it for me?

We have been trusted to personally secure businesses such as IBM and TikTok in over the last decade. We believe security should be equitable for everyone, not just the tech giants.

We’re always available for questions and specific concerns regarding staying secure through online interaction. Also as an early adopter of our anti-phishing service, we will allow discounted access to our anti-phishing application when it is available on the market.

Any questions you may have regarding our service, please feel free to reach out at any time.

We’re always on.

Emanuel + Dominique